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A website should be interactive, responsive and creative. Creating an interactive website and maintaining its content at various search engines and social media channels is of prime importance in today's connected world. Wordpress works on web template processor helping in developing and managing website content, posting blogs, management of consumer feedbacks, groups and managing social network sites with utmost ease.

Wordpress is an open source framework that allows you to publish, manage and organize many types of simple or complex websites, personal blogs and large corporate portals. It is a highly developed Content Management System for developing and implementing world class content rich websites. Wordpress functionality, combined with many plugins and themes will enable you to build any type of dynamic web site with ease and much more... Wordpress community offers hundreds of paid and freely available themes, plugins and other services.

PHP programmers can create and use their own plugins and themes on Wordpress platform. Take a look at the Wordpress Site for more information. OSS Prime Linuxers offers Wordpress blog hosting, Wordpress shared hosting, Wordpress dedicated hosting, Wordpress Installation services and solutions, wordpress on could, wordpress mobile, wordpress hosted solutions, custom plugins, themes and more...

Offers Wordpress Hosting, customization, design, setup with many related support / services. Install any version of Wordpress on our fast web servers with latest Apache / Nginx, MariaDB / MySQL, Bootstrap, Node.js and PHP support. If you already own a domain, just change name server settings or you can optionally purchase a domain if you do not own one. Access Top Class Hardware and Server Specs with Latest Software to power your wordpress blog or site portal. The servers run the latest and most optimized application software.

Wordpress Plugins Advice: WordPress Plugins can cause errors directly and immediatley, however a bad plugin can have effects that do not instantly cause an error, but have long term effects on your CPU and resource usage causing even larger harder to fix problems. Any plugins that are not vital to your WordPress should be deleted. Please remember that any time you add additional plugins, each of these plugins can increase your resource usage. We recommend no more than 3 to 5 active plugins, not including your caching plugin.

If you're having difficulty with your site that may be caused by a plugin, you can disable all of your plugins to return your site to a functional state. At that time, you may reactivate them one at a time, and observe their impact on your site before activating the next plugin.

In addition to checking this manually, the following plugins are known to be severely resource intensive and could cause downtime, longer page load times, or larger process counts. It is advised that you avoid the use of these plugins: Resource-Intensive Plugins:

   Google Sitemap
   StatPress and other WordPress statistics software plugins
   WP Post Views
   WPRobot3 and other auto-poster plugins
   Some SEO plugins
   Some image galleries and media players are intensive, but this largely depends on how you use them.
   All related posts plugins such as WordPress Related Posts or YARPP
   All Backup plugins

Plugins are developed by third parties. If you're having difficulty with a plugin, or have identified a plugin as being the source of your issue, you will need to contact the plugin developer for support.

There are many tools and plugins available to help you manage WordPress websites including moving to SolutionPoint hosting. Our easy tool helps WordPress users to migrate, copy, clone or move to any new host.

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