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Events and Conferences are comforting places. You feel as if you have known people your entire life even though you have never met because everyone’s path strongly resembles that of your own. Why post your events or listings on third-party brands and promote their websites or app hypes? Build your own and share for long-term success! Best online event solution with a range of event management tools designed to maximize the reach and profitability of events for event organizers, convention organizers, and exhibition conveners - anyone wishing to organize/host an event. An open source web application to create, publish, advertise events and offer real time online registration and booking with real time payments right from organizers own website. It can also have interactive stall map booking facility, which allows the Event organizer to publish his stalls plan online and allows your prospective exhibitors to book the exhibition stall/space in real time. You can use it to manage events, exhibitions and webinars. You can also use it to collect donations and applications and fees for educational programs.

Developed for event organizers organizing events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, sporting event etc.; NGOs, government agencies, charitable trusts and religious foundations seeking funds; and schools, universities and other institutions looking to accelerate their admission and fee collection process. Major features include Conference Management, Online Ticketing, Webinar Registration, Donation Collection, Social Media and Mobile Integration, Education Fee Collection And Exhibitor Management.

Each solution has standard and custom features, while standard features remain constant across all solutions, the custom features are specially designed to manage problems specific to your firm. Your registrants, donors and students will be able to register, donate or apply for your course respectively at their own convenience from anywhere in the world. It can be integrated with various payment gateways integrated with best security measures employing SSL secure dedicated web servers.

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