Locating the Free Email Service Interface

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The Free Email Service comprises of the following services:

Email Account: Solution Point provides you 2 Email Account(s) free with every domain purchase, alongwith POP/IMAP access. Each account comes with 100 MB space.

Email Forwarding: This service is provided free upon purchase of any Product/Service through Solution Point.

In order to view the Free Email Service interface, you need to search for the Product/Service you have purchased and access its Order Information interface. To List/Search and Manage the Free Email Service

Login to your Control Panel:

For Resellers: 1

For Customers: 2

Next, click

For Resellers: Products -> List All Orders.

For Customers: Manage Orders -> List/Search Orders.

Search for the Order for which you have activated the Free Email Service.

Note For Resellers: You may search for Orders belonging to your Sub-Resellers by selecting the Include Sub-Reseller's results check box. Additional Information

For Resellers: Instructions for Listing All Orders under your Reseller Account

Instructions for Listing All Orders under your Customer Account

On the next page, you would see a list of all your Product/Service Orders bought through Solution Point. Click any domain name to reach its Overview.

Click the Email tab. This will bring up the Free Email Service interface. Additional Information

For Resellers: You can also use the Search Bar on the Control Panel home page to bring up the Free Email Service interface. This Search Bar will also be available on the topmost menu bar, in every page of the Reseller Control Panel.

Provide the domain name in the search field.

Select Order from the drop-down menu.

Click the Search button.

On the next page, click the Email tab.

Clicking the Manage Email link will open up the Email Hosting Management interface.

Note Upon purchase of a Single Domain Hosting / Multi Domain Hosting / Reseller Hosting Order for a domain name,

the Email tab / Free Email Service interface will no longer be available in the Order Details view, if the Free Email Service was not activated (by clicking the Manage Email link) before the Hosting Order was purchased.

However, if the Free Email Service was activated initially and then the Hosting Order was purchased, the Email tab / Free Email Service interface will continue to be displayed in the Order Details view.

You are now required to create and manage email accounts from the Single Domain Hosting / Multi Domain Hosting / Reseller Hosting Management interface itself and not through the Free Email Service.

You may need to download to your local computer the emails under the email accounts created through the Free Email Service before making the switch.

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