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All forms of digital advertising are discontinued, refer for announcement. Below is just an archive.

Listings, Blog, PR or Article Submissions are FREE, just join and submit yourself. If no commercials are involved, signup and start posting / sharing yourself, all our connected platforms are free for public.

OSS Prime Linuxers

Advertising Information - Advertisement Rates & Media Kit: All pricing are custom, and specific. We have a network of community-driven Web Portals, Apps and Social Media Channels (no print version available) and divided into different Sections - all frequently updated. We normally do not send push emails or adverts unless there is a genuine sponsor and worthy message.

We offer exclusive One Way Text Adverts for a nominal fee as donation to support volunteer editors. Such PR Stories with Links are situated on various category and blog article pages and are set for priority placements. If you are ready, just donate a nominal processing fee for link placements. We can create clear, well-written, and specific ad text that highlights what sets your product, service, offer or achievement apart from your competition.

Sponsored links are registered on a keyword basis for a simple one off donation payment. Exclusivity for a 12 month period. No CPC or CPM costs. Feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss multiple text link or article options, or if you have any further questions about this, or any other, advertising opportunity.

We do not track visitors or subscribers, stats are not recorded for reporting. Special Ad campaign and PR activities are undertaken for a fixed monthly service fee, we do not work on basis of inventory, CPC, PPC, CPM, third-party scripts, etc.. We like them being a clean community media portal, with less commercial interests & clutter.

We can publish client banner ads (simple HTML and banners only) for few days, so you can track results yourself and decide to pay (or donate) after that and continue if it match your goals. We prefer this rather than sending you tall claims and fancy numbers.

Sponsorship fee for priority banner ads for a monthly fee - send your banner with click link, no scripts or codes will be accepted. You're free to submit normal content like any other member, fee is asked only if you contact us for special treatment.

Ads on mobile apps & social media are very less, for existing verified sponsors only. We believe anonymity in real estate business is food for fraudsters, those who cannot be transparent must not be part of our network. Choose among many other brand hypes and be happy.

Mailers: We send out our headlines via e-mail to subscribers and followers.

Paid Sponsors: Premium ad placement on sponsorship positions, use contact page link below. Use contact page below for general feedback or editorial requests or if you've something worth informing or suggesting.

Why pay for your ad listings or business press releases? - As a token of support for free social media web - Exposure to millions of potential customers & media - Includes all the distribution and features we offers in one simple package - Awarding winning service and dedicated support - Photo Slideshow, maps, Listing Enquiry/Signup alerts, Stats, video and more... - Top search rankings and sponsored positions - Benefits: SEO, Social Web Integration, Distribution, Analytics and more

You can pay using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Pay, Cash Card, Paypal a/c etc. Send an email today and become a small sponsor. We facilitate E-Business for selling your products or services on-line with our extensive reach to a wide range of businesses and consumers over the Internet. Partnering with Solution Point will give you the opportunity of expanding your business and your brand visibility with our Global access, Increased Visibility, Customer Loyalty, Safe and secure shopping and instant payment options.

We invite you to partner with us as vendor and showcase your range of software products like Information CDs, DVDs, Gadgets, OS Software, Books, Desktop Games, Computers and more on our websites. A few of the additional benefits of selling your products through our multiple digital channels are listed below:

- Highest standard of security to ensure that shopping is Private, Safe and Secure. - Get buyers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, PPC, SEO, Industry Portals, and Social Media - No physical space limitations: you can offer a wide range of products with an e-Catalogue. - Increased visibility: readily accessible to customers all over the world. - Competitive business advantage: reduced costs for advertising & marketing activities. - A Strong Return and Refund and Customer Satisfaction Policy

If you have a shopping website and just want to advertise with banners and text links on our network websites, sponsor yourself.

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