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RealEstateTimes, promoted by Prime, is a real estate social media website that provides a common platform for property buyers & sellers to locate news, articles and properties. A free consumer advocacy site giving tips on buying new, used or second homes. You will find tips on financing, mortgages, loans, real estate agents, insurance, negotiating, builders, scams, and more.


RealEstateTimes has initiated and populated realty ideas which are used by many new portals currently advertised in this market. It has launched a Housing Index way back in 2011.


Apart from posting and reading news stories, buying, selling & renting properties, users have access to many related services. Crisp Buyer Guides covering all right steps and stages in property buying and answers to faqs, real tips and open advice on what to look for and how to manage property buying. RETIndex is a tool which empowers property seekers and investors with detailed information on the movement of residential apartment prices and supply of properties in some major cities.

RealEstateTimes mobile

In June 2010, RealEstateTimes introduced the mobile website with features like mobile searches for property, agent, builder and price trends. It also came up with an interface for the mobile users to post their properties, upload property photos and videos, edit details and repost listings.

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